Pabitra Mohan Institute of Technology


Basic Science & Humanity




Mathematics is the science of all sciences. It counts in every stages of life. Science makes the life comfortable and mathematics makes the science executable. With a number of experienced faculties the dept. imparts knowledge and trains students for the application of mathematics in the development of nation.



 The dept. of Chemistry aims to enhance the basic knowledge about the composition of different Metals which is very essential for a technical professional. The dept. provides the qualitative and quantitative treatment of matter, proximate and ultimate analysis of Coal. hardness of water and PH etc. A well- Equipped chemistry lab with modern amenities is able to boost the students’ march forward in this line.




Physics is linked with the line of action of living and non-living things. The laboratory provides the facility to study and calculate the behaviour of different physical quantities. electrical behaviour and energy consumption, nature of light. heat transfer and measurement. Having experienced faculties and modern equipment, the students arc capable of measuring resistance, conductance, current and angle of deviation in the physics lab. 




 Communication Lab. helps and guides the students in innovative activities. Highly qualified faculties help students expand their ability to craft succinct, precise communications. Students develop their personality through rehearsals and web-based information. Communication Lab. is well equipped with LCD. latest software in communication and personality development activities, so that they could excel in the competition and in their career.Communication Lab. helps students

• Plan and polish briefs, case write-ups, business reports and letters.

• Practice oral presentations, lectures and interview.

• Develop effective power-point slides.

• Audio-video recording system help the students develop their fluency in spoken English. 

Faculty Profile

Miss Smrutirekha Sahu

Basic Science & Humanity - Lecturer

Miss. Snigdha Paramita Barma

Basic Science & Humanity - Lecturer

Miss. Subhalaxmi Parida

Basic Science & Humanity - Lecturer

Miss. Swadhina Pradhan

Basic Science & Humanity - Lecturer

Monalisa Nanda

Basic Science & Humanity - Lab Attandant

Mr. Jyoti Ranjan Satapathy

Basic Science & Humanity - Lecturer

Mrs.Sapnita Panda

Basic Science & Humanity - H.O.D

Sagarika Satapathy

Basic Science & Humanity - Lecturer